[OAI-general] Institution-based archive examples

Bob Kemp robert.kemp@strath.ac.uk
Mon, 02 Apr 2001 12:13:50 +0100

This is a spin-off from the recent debate over discipline-based versus 
institution based archives, where Stevan Harnad mentioned that over 100 
sites are trying out the eprints software. I wondered how they are doing?

We haven't got very far at Strathclyde - just read some of the papers, 
downloaded the documentation and looked at the discipline-based archives. 
We hope to start a small trial over the next few weeks. It's a little 
premature, but we already see a number of issues, for instance, how best to 
classify the archive, what metadata to use, how to persuade people to 
participate, especially our staff in disciplines where there is already a 
functioning archive.

I'd consequently be very interested in a) looking at examples if anyone's 
got anything up and running, and b) discussing experiences and approaches. 
(The latter should probably be restricted to the non-technical as we have 
the eprints-tech list for that sort of thing.)

Has anyone any examples and experiences to discuss?

Bob Kemp

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