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the Santa Fe Convention: Template for a data provider

The Santa Fe Convention is discontinued. Please use the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting instead.

Instructions for use

Open Archives: information about this data provider

Full name of the archive The full name of your archive here.
Content in the archive Describe the content of the archive or provide a URL of a page describing it.
URL to be associated with the archive The URL of the page that you want to be associated with the archive.
  • e-mail address of maintainer
e-mail address of organizational contact here.
  • e-mail address of administrator

e-mail address of technical contact here.

  • e-mail address of librarian
e-amail address of contact regarding content here.

Date of implementing the Santa Fe Convention

Use YYYY-MM-DD format.
Unique archive identifier Look at to make sure that the identifier you choose is not already in use.
Records in the archive have unique and persistent identifiers
  • YES
  • Feel free to give a description of the structure and enumeration of the identifiers.
  • Feel free to give a description of the relationship between the unique record identifier and the mechanism to get to the full-content via that identifier.
Seperator between archive identifier and record identifier Write the delimiter as an SGML entity to make sure it displays correctly.
Metadata formats
Submission mechanism  
  • Description of submission policy
Description of submission policy or URL of page containing such a description.
  • Submission page
URL of submission page or of page describing the submission procedure.
Message to service providers about restrictions of data use You can describe the restrictions on use of your data here. For instance, it might be your policy to allow service providers to freely harvest the metadata in your archive, but not the full content.
Harvesting interface  
  • Base URL of Dienst implementation
  • Dienst URL to poll for implemented metadata formats
  • Dienst URL to poll for archive partitions

Supporting information is available at:

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  last updated January 20th 2001