[OAI-implementers] Question on flow control / resumption token

Moray McConnachie mmcconna at oxford-analytica.com
Thu Jun 30 12:16:31 EDT 2011


We're implementing a repository in OAI-PMH (not public at this stage),
and I have a query where the specification isn't very clear.

It's about flow control.

Taking ListIdentifiers as an example, is the resumptionToken the ONLY
argument which a client MUST supply to resume an incomplete list? Or
must they also supply the other original arguments?

Or to put it another way, if we receive a query with from and until
parameters set, and we send back an incomplete list with a resumption
token, then when the client submits a request using the resumption
token, can we also expect them to supply again the from and until

This affects what information we need to store about the request against
the resumption token.


First request:  

To which response includes resumptionToken abcdefgh

Must the second request then be


OR is it legitimate for a client just to ask this:


Thanks for the tip.

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