[OAI-implementers] MAF-LT Announces Gold Release of Ibidem v1.0 Digital Library System

Brad Rhoads bdrhoa at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 12:30:00 EDT 2011

It's working again now, at least for the moment. Cloud Foundry is a new
service from VMWare and is very much still beta. But it makes deployment to
the cloud brain dead. It's going to be great once they get a few things
worked out.

We use Drupal for our site, so I'm not sure why we didn't look at it for the
digital library stuff. But the decision was made before I started at MAF.

On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 6:03 AM, anson parker <ansondparker at gmail.com> wrote:

> sounds cool, your demo server isn't running... any chance to get that up?
> did you consider building this in drupal as it has great taxonomy tools as
> well as oai-pmh compatability = also has dublin core built in, z39.50 etc..
> plus a flexible architecture & large library support.  will look forward to
> see the demo to see what it offers
> ap
> On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 6:11 PM, Brad Rhoads <bdrhoa at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> We've been using Greenstone for a long time and it continues to serve us
>> well. Thanks to the developers and this community for the help we've
>> received.
>> The place where we feel Greenstone doesn't fully meet our needs is in
>> collection creation, especially in terms of data entry and the lack of
>> controlled vocabularies. Thus, we've developed Ibidem (
>> http://www.maflt.org/products/Ibidem), which is focused on the front end
>> data entry process and provides user definable Lookup Tables. We had the
>> original intent to include full work flow processing, but that might come
>> down the road.
>> For Greenstone users, Ibidem exposes its content via OAI-PMH (thanks to
>> OAICAT). So you can use Ibidem for data entry and then import it into
>> Greenstone if you like.
>> Here's the official announcement: http://www.tinyurl.com/ibidemrelease
>> God's Love,
>> Brad Rhoads
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