{Disarmed} [OAI-implementers] srw with oai interface

Stéphane Pouyllau stephane.pouyllau at cn2sv.cnrs.fr
Mon Jan 31 05:20:14 EST 2011

At CNRS, we currently develop the ISIDORE project with a web site in 
beta version : http://rechercheisidore.fr (french interface only for the 
moment). Inside, we "merge" OAI,RSS,RDFa results with SRU/SRW queries 
results. You can see the english description of the project at 



Le 27/01/2011 17:44, Sonali Roy a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am doing some research on using a sru server with a OAI interface and
> came across this email from Jeff. None of the links provided works thus
> I am unable to test any srw interface that would work with OAI.
> Could you please help me. If you can send me correct link to the srw
> registry that would help.
> Thanks,
> Sonali

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