AW: [OAI-implementers] Designating as Peer Review

Thomas Fischer fischer at
Tue Jun 12 03:27:50 EDT 2007

Gabriel ,

I think that "peer-reviewed" would best be an element in an appropriate type
list. For the eprints AP there is already a somewhat elaborated list, the
"Eprints Type Vocabulary Encoding Scheme":

Alas, the distinction between reviewed and not reviewed papers is not as
clear as I wish:

Journal Article
	An article or paper published in a journal.

Submitted Journal Article
	The author's original manuscript as submitted to and/or accepted by
a journal.
	(prior to or after peer review)

Working or Discussion Paper
	A working or discussion paper circulated publicly or among a group
of peers. 

I would argue that the distinction is of sufficient importance for scholarly
works that it should be expressed somehow in this list, although it seems
that all three forms of articles come in reviewed and non-reviewed flavours.
For my purposes, I probably would choose something like "preprint" for any
kind of article or working paper prior to review, and "article" for any such
item after the appropriate selection process in the given subject area
(which may or may not require peer review).

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