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sorry. i may just have answered to a message which didn't reach the list:

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Sorry if this is not useful (I only scan this list) but is this the type
of service you are looking for?
Regards, Howard

Dear All,

There are now some Use Cases and possible Use Scenarios for IESR (the JISC
Information Environment Service Registry) available at:


These may be of interest because they indicate ways in which we envisage
IESR being used.

Best wishes,

PS. Apologies to those who have already seen this announcement on other

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Robert Forkel wrote:
> ok. to make things clearer, i'll describe my case at hand. when
> visiting the pages of one of our journals
> (http://www.livingreviews.org/), zotero is not able to pick up much of
> the metadata. this is because the currently supported mechanisms to
> get data - embedded rdf or dc xml - won't work for pages delivered in
> html 4.01. on the other hand, we do have an oai pmh interface, thus a
> perfect mechanism to harvest metadata. the only thing lacking is a
> standard way to tell zotero where to find this interface, and which
> identifiers to use for querying it.
> you have a point in saying that unAPI may be better suited anyway. and
> since we also do have a unAPI interface, we're all set as soon as
> zotero supports this.
> i was just wondering, whether auto-discovery (of the baseurl only)
> wasn't worth including into oai pmh. and i think auto-discovery links
> are still rather unobtrusive, even if there's 20 of them in the  head
> element of a page.
> regards,
> robert
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