[OAI-implementers] repository auto-discovery

Robert Forkel robert at livingreviews.org
Sun Nov 19 07:40:11 EST 2006

ok. to make things clearer, i'll describe my case at hand. when visiting the
pages of one of our journals  (http://www.livingreviews.org/), zotero is not
able to pick up much of the metadata. this is because the currently
supported mechanisms to get data - embedded rdf or dc xml - won't work for
pages delivered in html 4.01. on the other hand, we do have an oai pmh
interface, thus a perfect mechanism to harvest metadata. the only thing
lacking is a standard way to tell zotero where to find this interface, and
which identifiers to use for querying it.
you have a point in saying that unAPI may be better suited anyway. and since
we also do have a unAPI interface, we're all set as soon as zotero supports
i was just wondering, whether auto-discovery (of the baseurl only) wasn't
worth including into oai pmh. and i think auto-discovery links are still
rather unobtrusive, even if there's 20 of them in the  head element of a

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