[OAI-implementers] Digital Commons sites and Static Repository registration

Roy Tennant roy.tennant at ucop.edu
Wed Feb 23 23:56:32 EST 2005

The "Digital Commons" product from ProQuest is of course the  
bepress.com system, which has powered the eScholarship Repository  
<http://repositories.cdlib.org/escholarship/> for nearly three years.  
The California Digital Library, in fact, worked with bepress to develop  
a number of the features that now grace the product, including OAI  
support. As far as I know, it remains the only repository system with a  
full-featured online peer review system as an integrated part of the  

On a side note, the eScholarship Repository recently passed the  
milestone of one million paper downloads (not web page views), and only  
this week announced a new "postprints" service that enables University  
of California faculty to upload a selected set of their published  
articles with a few clicks of the mouse button. Long live institutional  
Roy Tennant
California Digital Library

On Feb 23, 2005, at 8:11 PM, Simeon Warner wrote:

> Just FYI...
> Today I noticed a flurry of new data-provider registrations from
> institutional repository sites running the Digital Commons product from
> ProQuest. You can see a number of them on at
> http://www.openarchives.org/Register/BrowseSites with repository names
> "Digital Commons @ ..."
> Also, last week saw what I think was the first Static Repository
> data-provider registration: "Archeologia e Calcolatori - Published
> Articles" at baseURL
> http://purl.oclc.org/NET/ugent/lib/srepod/www.progettocaere.rm.cnr.it/ 
> databasegestione/A_C_oai_Archive.xml
> which uses Patrick Hochstenbach's gateway at U. Ghent.
> Cheers,
> Simeon
> PS. I have no connection with UMI/ProQuest.
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