[OAI-implementers] resumptionToken Implementation

Jose Blanco blancoj at umich.edu
Tue Sep 28 12:54:31 EDT 2004

We query every time we get a request. We did not really do a lot of
experimenting to see which method was more efficient.  This seemed to give
good performance and it was straight forward to implement.

> From: Jeff Pearson <jpearson at usc.edu>
> Date: September 28, 2004 12:31:59 PM EDT
> To: oai-implementers at openarchives.org
> Subject: Re: [OAI-implementers] resumptionToken Implementation
> I guess I misstated my query last time. I understand the 
> implementations as defined in the spec; either create a data result 
> cache and hit that or regenerate the query each time. What I was 
> wondering was which people were choosing to implement and why.
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