[OAI-implementers] resumptionToken Implementation

Chris Wilper cwilper at cs.cornell.edu
Tue Sep 28 11:11:46 EDT 2004

Hi Jeff,

There are a couple ways to do it.  The "stateless repository" way basically
encodes everything that is needed inside the resumptionToken.  Another
approach is to manage the state on the server, somehow making the
resumptionToken a "key" into the partially-iterated-through list (or db

Here's a good discussion of resultSet implementation issues if you haven't
seen it:

- Chris

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I am trying to get some kind of idea how people have implemented the
resumptionToken. Would some of you be so kind as to share some details on how
you implemented it?

It would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Pearson
University of Southern California 

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