[OAI-implementers] building an OAI-PMH Server

Michael Nelson mln at cs.odu.edu
Mon Sep 27 23:31:38 EDT 2004


have you taken a look at:


any one of these tools would likely work for you.



On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Venkat wrote:

> Hi All,
>          After going through all the technical documents of OAI-PMH, I stand
> at a point which is quite confusing and have no idea of what should be my
> next step.
> I have a digital collection (collection of XML files)and their corresponding
> Metadata(metadata.xml for each XML File). Now, I am interested in setting up
> a OAI-PMH complaint server (I'm a Data Provider). I could understand the
> protocol but not sure how I should start setting things. My development
> platform is PHP(I did collect some information about the tools available on
> OAI website). Can anyone guide me from this point?
> -Venkat

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