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Hussein Suleman hussein at cs.uct.ac.za
Sat Oct 2 12:47:30 EDT 2004

hi Jeff

i would vote in favour of standalone XHTML 1.0.

at first fragments sounded nicer (for integration), but then what if the 
rendering is PDF or Mobile-HTML or some such thing ... and then again 
XHTML is sooner or later going to be v2.0 anyway. with a complete 
document, we can at least make the assumption of a mime type and promote 
this to a problem the browser mediates.

then maybe in a later "bugfix", Simeon (or whoever is the maintainer) 
can introduce a "target-mime-type" attribute or some such mechanism in 
the metadataRendering container.

but is there a mime type for HTML fragments? if there is, then maybe the 
fragment is the way to go ... as long as down the road we can widen the 
scope without any changes. if there is no fragment mime type, maybe we 
can introduce one :)


Young,Jeff wrote:
> I have an immediate need for a best-practices description for creating XSLT
> stylesheets for use with the description/branding/metadataRendering element
> in an OAI Identify response
> (http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/2.0/guidelines-branding.htm). 
> The only guidance this specification gives regarding the stylesheet itself
> is "the style sheet must be able to render the metadata part of a GetRecord
> response for the specific metadata format". Unfortunately, it doesn't say
> what the stylesheet should render it into. Should it be an HTML fragment
> suitable for dropping into the body of an HTML document? Should it be a
> stand-alone XHTML document ready to display in a browser? Can I depend on
> the result being assigned to a particular namespace? There are limits to how
> many variants I should have to attempt in order to parse the result and use
> it.
> There are only 4 repositories registered at UIUC that currently use this the
> metadataRendering element, two of which are mine
> (http://gita.grainger.uiuc.edu/registry/ListReposWithDesc.asp?desc=branding)
> . I am on the verge, however, of creating a system that depends on them, as
> well as updating many of my repositories to include them.
> It would be nice to have this group's consensus before I commit to a
> particular solution.
> Jeff
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