[OAI-implementers] getRecord Verb

Naomi Dushay Naomi at cs.cornell.edu
Mon Aug 23 15:34:52 EDT 2004


What's inside the tags is the baseURL for the OAI server.  


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> Please excuse the ignorance of my question.
> I'm working through implementing our first OAI compliant DP. I'm currently
> working on the getRecord verb and trying to decode some of the examples
> provided on the site. It gives in the response chunk;
> <request verb="GetRecord" identifier="oai:arXiv.org:cs/0112017"
>            metadataPrefix="oai_dc">http://arXiv.org/oai2</request>
> I understand everything up until the:
> http://arXiv.org/oai2
> which is the value inside of the tags. What exactly is this value? Can
> someone point me to where this value is defined in the docs?
> Thank you for any help/light you can shed.
> Jeff Pearson
> University of California
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