[OAI-implementers] Error 'could not find setSpec in header' in repository explorer

Hussein Suleman hussein@cs.uct.ac.za
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 23:48:38 +0200


firstly, the "Test Result: OK" refers to the previous test, which 
apparently succeeded.

the error you got means that the tester obtained a record from the set 
"DL:Kwords:1", which is apparently a setSpec returned by ListSets. 
setSpec in the header corresponding to that identifier contained 
"Economics" instead of "DL:Kwords:1", which should have been there (at 
the least).

i think it may be possible that you are confusing setSpec with setName - 
the former is a machine-readable unique identifier for the set, while 
the latter is a human-readable description

hope this helps ...


Venugopal Reddy Pally wrote:
> hi all,
>  I am testing my OAI Implementation with OAI Repository Explorer 
> http://oai.dlib.vt.edu/cgi-bin/Explorer/2.0-1.45/testoai . I am now able 
> to reduce number of errors with my application in this explorer to 1. I 
> could not understand this only error. While testing GetRecord 
> (identifier, oai_dc), it says :
> Test Result : OK
> **** [ERROR] Could not find setSpec in header ! set = DL:Kwords:1, 
> setSpecs=Economics,
> Since its saying Test result as OK, I am unable to understand why it is 
> showing this error immediately below the OK Message. I am putting 
> setSpec in the header. One more thing is : if there is no setSpec for a 
> particular record, can I omit setSpec for that record ? If I omit, its 
> giving 'could not find setSpec ...' error. Please note that I am getting 
> the above error even if I put something in setSpec always. Please help me.
> Thanks,
> Venu.
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