[OAI-implementers] OAI implementation

Tim Brody tim@tim.brody.btinternet.co.uk
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 12:52:42 +0000

ruri muharto wrote:

> 2. few 'stumbling blocks' to the network implementation. Is there any
> obstacles to implement the protocol in the third world's internet
> community like my country, Indonesia? etc..

OAI is a "discovery" protocol - in most cases you will only be exporting 
metadata from your OAI-PMH interface, and then users will make a direct 
connection to your site for the actual record (e.g. the full text). If 
you want to expose your records to the global community, then you might 
need to consider renting space on a commercial host (e.g. in the USA).

That said, as long as your OAI interface is available most of the time, 
harvesters will be able to get the data. OAI service providers are 
always improving the ability of harvesters to work in adverse conditions!

All the best,