[OAI-implementers] ZING: Version 1.0 of SRW and CQL (fwd)

Caroline Arms caar@loc.gov
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 10:47:50 -0500 (EST)

FYI -- particularly for those interested in distributed search over HTTP
and SOAP.  Contact information is below -- I won't be able to answer any
questions because I haven't had any active involvement with the
initiative.  They look forward to implementations and feedback.

Caroline Arms                                  caar@loc.gov
Office of Strategic Initiatives
Library of Congress

The ZING Initiative (Z39.50 International Next
Generation), under the auspices of the Z39.50
Maintenance Agency at the Library of Congress, is
pleased to announce Version 1.0 of SRW and CQL.

SRW ("Search/Retrieve for the Web")  is a
web-service-based protocol which aims to integrate
access across networked resources, and to promote
interoperability between distributed databases by
providing a common platform. The underpinnings of
the protocol are formed by bringing together more
than 20 years experience from the collective
implementers of the Z39.50 protocol with recent
developments in  the web-technologies arena. SRW
features both SOAP and URL-based access mechanisms
(SRW and SRU respectively) to provide for a wide
range of possible clients.  It uses CQL, the
Common Query Language, which provides a powerful
yet intuitive means of formulating searches. The
protocol mandates the use of open and
industry-supported standards XML and XML Schema,
and where appropriate, Xpath and SOAP.

 The SRW Initiative recognizes the importance of
Z39.50 (as currently defined and deployed) for
business communication, and focuses on getting
information to the user. SRW provides semantics
for searching databases containing metadata and
objects, both text and non-text.  Building on
Z39.50 semantics enables the creation of gateways
to existing Z39.50 systems while reducing the
barriers to new information providers, allowing
them to make their  resources available via a
standard search and retrieve service.

 SRW, SRU, and CQL have been developed by an
international team, minimizing cross-language
pitfalls and other potential internationalization
problems.  Participants include:

 Theo van Veen, Koninlijke Bibliotheek
 Mike Taylor, independent consultant
 Pat Stevens, OCLC
 Rob Sanderson, Liverpool University
 Ralph LeVan, OCLC
 Allan Kent, RMIT University
 Ian Ibbotson, Knowledge Integration
 Poul Henrik Jorgensen, Portia
 Sebastian Hammer, IndexData
 Janifer Gatenby, PICA
 Matthew J. Dovey, Oxford University
 Larry Dixson, Library of Congress
 Adam Dickmeiss, Index Data
 Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress

The ZING, SRW, and CQL  home pages are at:
    http://www.loc.gov/srw, and
 The Z39.50 Maintenance Agency home page is at

The SRW and CQL version 1.0 specifications will
remain stable for a six- to nine-month
implementation-experience period. During this
period developers are encouraged to implement the
specification (see the implementors page at
http://www.loc.gov/srw/implementors.html), join
the list of implementors, participate in
interoperability testing, and help develop the
next version, 1.1.  Please direct questions,
comments, and suggestions to z3950@loc.gov.

Please feel free to forward this announcement to
other lists as appropriate.