[OAI-implementers] new version of Repository Explorer

Hussein Suleman hussein@vt.edu
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 16:32:49 -0700


heres a little pre-announcement of sorts ...

i finally finished upgrading the repository explorer to include the
following additional features:
- multilingual interface support (English, French, German, Spanish,
- support for local schema validation (so we dont need to connect to
www.openarchives.org for every check performed)
- color scheme customization
- parallel display of XML and parsed output
- ability to bypass schema validation for speed
- improved error reporting when not using schemas
- better code organization (so others can install it too)

try the following URLs

regular interface:

German interface:

blue color scheme:

please let me know if anything doesnt work ... i havent replaced the old
version yet ... also, the translations are all somewhat flaky since they
are machine generated ... i will appreciate any volunteers who can
create translation files - send me email - i have a simple text file
with the mappings that i can send to you and thereafter integrate back
into the program (Susanne, i think we spoke briefly about doing this a
few weeks ago)


hussein suleman -- hussein@vt.edu -- vtcs -- http://purl.org/net/hussein