[OAI-general] OAI tutorial at JCDL2006

Simeon Warner simeon at cs.cornell.edu
Fri May 5 10:53:34 EDT 2006

[second announcement]

JCDL Tutorial 12: Metadata and Resource Exchange Using the Open Archives 
Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting

Details are available on the JCDL 2006 website (at a new location):
(afternoon of Sunday June 11).

Following the success of this strategy for the tutorial at OAI4 in Geneva 
last year, I encourage participants to send brief email comments on their 
background and expectations. In particular, answers to the following 
questions would be allow me to target the tutorial appropriately:

1. Have you implemented, or been involved in a significant way in 
implementing one or more OAI-PMH data providers? If so, using what 
packages and/or programming languages?

2. Have you harvested and processed a significant amount of metadata from 
other sites using OAI-PMH?

3. How extensively have you worked with XML? In particular have you worked 
with XML-related technologies such as XML Schemas and XSLT?

4. Are you interested in resource exchange using the OAI-PMH, or just 
metadata exchange?

5. What do you most hope to know more about by the end of the tutorial?

I'm also happy to answer questions ahead of time about whether this 
tutorial will meet you needs.


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