[OAI-general] A brand New software to build OAI-PMH Institutional Archives

Massimiliano Simoncini simoncini at bdaweb.net
Mon Jun 19 14:17:18 EDT 2006

Dear all,

few weeks ago, the digitAlexandria project (www.digitalexandria.com),
 from the Italian National Research Council, has released
the pre-beta version of Archivemaker, a new software
for building OAI-PMH-compliant institutional archives.
The main characteristcs of the software are:

- Few minutes are enough to install and build the archive
- An average pc user can easely do all the work
- Direct and easy groupware management
- Powerful management of the internal and external visibility
     of each document
- Automatic creation of a web page showing the archive.
     A provisional page is here (remember that is not an official
     page, but a test page):


If you want to try the software, you can get it here,
along with a Beginner's Guide:


You can sign in with the following UN and PW:

guest2e	Guest2e
guest3d	Guest3d
(capital letters count)

Try the first; if it's busy, try the
second. If they are both busy, ask another UN and PW
by replying this email.

We will be grateful to all those who will report us bugs,
advices and suggestions at tech at bdaweb.net.


Build your P2P Scientific digital library

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