[OAI-general] Survey about version identification in open access repositories

F.M.Shipsey at lse.ac.uk F.M.Shipsey at lse.ac.uk
Wed Jun 7 13:04:03 EDT 2006

Dear Colleagues 

Do you wish to influence the development of version identification in
university-managed open access collections in order to help build trust
in the versions of university research content being deposited and made
openly accessible?

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) [1] has funded the
VERSIONS Project [2] to investigate current attitudes and practice
relating to version identification in digital repositories and open
access research paper collections. 

We invite you to participate in our user requirements study via one or
both of our online questionnaires.

1. For experts and stakeholders (library and repository communities, OAI
community, university management, publishers, and other interested
'Identifying versions of academic papers in institutional repositories' 

2. For academic and research staff and research students: 'Versions of
academic papers online - the experience of authors and readers' 

If you are also able to assist us by bringing these surveys to the
attention of relevant colleagues in your institution who will not
receive this message, we would be very grateful.

The VERSIONS Project is led by the Library of the London School of
Economics and Political Science [3], with the Nereus Consortium [4] of
European research libraries in economics as associate partners.

If you have any queries about the work of the VERSIONS Project or the
survey, please reply to me directly at the address below.

Thank you for your interest.

Yours sincerely

Frances Shipsey

VERSIONS Project Manager

Library, London School of Economics and Political Science, 10 Portugal
Street, London WC2A 2HD, United Kingdom
t: +44(0)20 7955 6915 ; f: +44(0)20 7955 7454; e: f.m.shipsey at lse.ac.uk;
versions at lse.ac.uk;
w: www.lse.ac.uk/versions

[1] London School of Economics and Political Science
[2] Nereus Consortium http://www.nereus4economics.info  
[3] VERSIONS Project http://www.lse.ac.uk/versions 
[4] JISC Digital Repositories Programme

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