[OAI-general] Building the Info Grid: First announcement

Mogens Sandf æ r ms at dtv.dk
Thu May 19 07:36:06 EDT 2005

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Invitation - Please mark your calendars and forward to colleagues!

DEFF, Denmark¹s Electronic Research Library, is pleased to announce
its upcoming international seminar and invites participants from
Europe and abroad:
Digital Library Technologies and Services - Trends and Perspectives
Copenhagen, 26-27 September 2005.
The seminar will feature prominent speakers addressing 3 themes:
-Global, national, local - collaboration and/or competition?
   Keynotes by major global players: Activities, plans, visions and
   views on synergy with national and local digital library activities.
   Among the speakers will be:
   - Anurag Ancharya, Director of Google Scholar
   - Lorcan Dempsey, VP for research and chief strategist at OCLC.
-Service oriented architectures ­ the framework of the grid?
-Identity and rights management ­ single signon to the grid?
   Leading researchers and implementers will share experiences and
   visions. You will hear of the contexts of eScience, eLibraries
   and eLearning and from the US (NSDL, Fedora architecture,
   developments at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Shibboleth and
   Internet2) and from Switzerland (Switch), United Kingdom (JISC),
   Netherlands (SURF), Germany (DFG) and Denmark.
   Among the speakers will be: Herbert van de Sompel, LANL, Sandy
   Payette, Cornell, Carl Lagoze, NSDL, Liz Lyon, UKOLN.
Further details on price, registration, venue, hotels, etc. will
follow in the second announcement early June.
You may also follow the developments at http://seminar.deff.dk/

On behalf of the organising and programme committees,
   Mogens Sandfaer,
   DEFF System Architecture Committee

18-23 September 2005: European Conference on Digital Libraries, Vienna.
   More information at http://www.ecdl2005.org/

28 September 2005: European Fedora User Meeting, Copenhagen.
   The DEFF Fedora project invites Fedora users (current and potential)
   to a one-day meeting trailing "Building the Info Grid". Agenda:
   Report on projects; Exchange of implementation experiences; Scoping
   the potential for collaboration; Communication with the Fedora Core
   Development Team, represented by Sandy Payette and Carl Lagoze.
   More information at http://fedora.cvt.dk/

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