[OAI-general] International Ticer School: Open Access and Institutional Repositories

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Mon Apr 11 12:08:10 EDT 2005

The International Ticer School offers a brand new, modular course for librarians 
and publishers: "Digital Libraries à la Carte: Choices for the Future". The 
course will be held at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, 21-26 August 2005.

Module 4 (Thursday 25 August) of the course focuses on “Open Access and 
Institutional Repositories”. The program features:

• The Open Access Movement as Five-Act Play by Richard Poynder, freelance 
journalist, UK

When in 1665 Henry Oldenburg created Philosophical Transactions for the Royal 
Society of London he created the first peer-reviewed journal, and a model for 
scholarly communication that changed very little for the next 300 years. Since 
the 1970s, however, the settled world of scholarly publishing has been buffeted 
by three disruptive forces; forces that have given rise to the Open Access 
movement and led to growing demands that scholarly articles should no longer be 
subject to the access barriers imposed by constantly-rising journal 
subscriptions, but made freely available on the Web. Like all good dramas 
today's crisis in scholarly communication includes a rich cast of characters, a 
potent mix of conflicting interests, and a plot in need of speedy resolution. 
Who are these actors, what are the conflicts, and how will the plot be resolved?

• Open Access to Science and Scholarship by Peter Suber, Open Access Project 
Director, Public Knowledge, Washington, D.C. and Research Professor of 
Philosophy, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, USA

Once one is acquainted with the basics of open access, many questions remain. 
Why does OA depend primarily on the decisions of researchers themselves? What 
can universities do to promote OA? What can librarians do to promote OA? What 
can funding agencies do to promote OA? What can we learn from the public-access 
policy of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH)? Peter Suber will address 
these questions and show how different stakeholders can improve the system of 
scholarly communication, share knowledge, and accelerate research.

• Practical Workshop on Institutional Repositories by Sylvia Van Peteghem, Chief 
Librarian, University of Ghent, Belgium, and Esther Hoorn, Information 
Specialist and Researcher Law and ICT, University of Groningen Library, the 

To guarantee a highly interactive programme, the number of participants is 
limited to 45, lectures contain an interactive component, and the modules is 
concluded with a practical workshop.

The course website is at <http://www.ticer.nl/05carte/>. It lists the full 
programme, the complete list of lecturers with short bios, abstracts of most 
presentations and practical information about course fee and registration. 
Registrations before 1 June 2005 get a €150 discount.

Further information
Ms Jola Prinsen
Course Manager Ticer B.V.
P.O. Box 4191
5004 JD Tilburg
The Netherlands
tel. +31 13 466 8310
fax  +31 13 466 8383
e-mail jola.prinsen at uvt.nl

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