[OAI-general] announcement: Copy the Rights!, Rotterdam, 26 February

Sandra Fauconnier fokky@v2.nl
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 15:49:19 +0100

This seminar about copyright and alternatives includes a presentation  
of OAI and may be of interest to list members in the Netherlands.

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Sandra Fauconnier


Copy the Rights!
Wednesday, 26 February, 11 a.m.  5 p.m., Calypso, Mauritsweg 5,  

Copy the Rights! is organized by V2_Organisation, Institute for the  
Unstable Media, in cooperation with Vereniging Digitaal Erfgoed  
Nederland, Dutch Filmmuseum, the Virtual Platform and the Netherlands  
Media Art Institute.

Copy the Rights is part of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival: DEAF03  
Data Knitting.
25 February - 9 March 2003 in Rotterdam
More information at DEAF03 On line: http://deaf.v2.nl
At DEAF03 On line it will be possible to follow the seminar via live  
stream and to participate online in several activities.
Admission: 25,- EUR / 20,- EUR
You may register for the seminar by sending an e-mail to tickets@v2.nl,  
via the festival website http://deaf.v2.nl or by phone: +31 (0)10  

Copy the Rights! is a seminar about copyright. It will address various  
copyright aspects of digitizing and opening up archive collections or  
databases (on line), as well as the issue of copyright in a changing  
art practice: unstable art projects that center around recycling and  
copying material often arise out of collaborative efforts where the  
classic notion of authorship no longer applies. In a number of hands-on  
presentations some examples of 'good practice' will be demonstrated.  
Artists from both the Netherlands and abroad will present their  
activities to the audience.

Copy the Rights! has invited a number of prominent foreign speakers to  
inspire the debate on alternative copyright models -- copyleft, open  
source, open content, open access -- and whether these may fit within  
the Dutch context.

Moderator: Paul Rutten, head of the Information and Communication unit  
of TNO STB (NL).

11 a.m.: Introduction and presentation of international initiatives

- Darius Cuplinskas, Soros Foundation (H): Budapest Open Access  
The Budapest Open Access Initiative, an initiative of the Soros  
Foundation in Hungary, is an international declaration promoting free  
access to scientific publications.
- Andy Powell, UKOLN (UK): Open Archives Initiative
The Open Archives Initiative has initiated an open protocol that  
addresses the need for the free exchange of scientific publications,  
allowing research databases to exchange information.
- Wendy Seltzer, Berkman Center, Electronic Frontier Foundation (USA):  
Creative Commons and OpenLaw
Creative Commons is an important on-line initiative that enables  
authors and creators to generate 'custom made' licenses for text,  
music, video and images.
- Jon Ippolito, Guggenheim NY and University of Maine (USA): Open Art  
Network and Variable Media Network
The Open Art Network offers a range of recommendations -- aimed  
especially at media and internet artists -- for making artworks more or  
even freely accessible. The Variable Media Network, a preservation  
project for media art, has shown that there is a direct relationship  
between the strictness of copyright and the difficulty of long-term  

2 p.m.: Lunch and hands-on presentations

- Kingdom of Piracy <KOP>: illegal copying as an art project
- Dutch Archive for Graphic Designers (NAGO): copyright for online  
poster collections
- Netherlands Media Art Institute: the streaming media project Playing  
- Joost Smiers (NL): copyright and the Third World
- Vereniging Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland: the use of the Open Archives  
Initiative for Dutch cultural heritage projects
- Dutch lawyers in dialogue with the speakers
- Dutch policymakers answer questions from the audience
- V2_: presentation of findings from the research project on copyright  
initiated by V2_ and the Virtual Platform

4 p.m.: Panel discussion

5 p.m.: End

Budapest Open Access Initiative: http://www.soros.org/openaccess/
Open Archives Initiative: http://www.openarchives.org/
Creative Commons: http://www.creativecommons.org/
OpenLaw: http://www.openlaw.org/
About the Open Art Network:  
Variable Media Initiative: http://www.guggenheim.org/variablemedia/
Kingdom of Piracy: http://residence.aec.at/kop/
Joost Smiers: http://www.constantvzw.com/copy.cult/cjs0.html
Vereniging Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland: http://www.den.nl/
Dutch Filmmuseum: http://www.filmmuseum.nl/
Virtual Platform: http://www.virtueelplatform.nl/
Netherlands Media Art Institute: http://www.montevideo.nl/

In 2002 V2_, in collaboration with the Virtual Platform and  
representatives of cultural institutes in the Netherlands, has  
initiated a research project on copyright. The project made an  
inventory of copyright issues surrounding the creation, storage,  
opening up and marketing of digital information by cultural institutes,  
did research into alternatives for copyrights and initiated a trial  
project to back up the research. The results of the various workgroups  
will lead to a policy document that will be sent to the departments  
concerned and interested parties. The seminar Copy the Rights! is part  
of this research project and is sponsored by the Mondrian Foundation.

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