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Rob Atkinson atkinson@fnal.gov
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 11:54:24 -0500

The arXiv Computing Research Repository (CoRR) at
http://arxiv.org/archive/cs/intro.html contains some categories which border
on or overlap with information science and librarianship, for example,
digital libraries, and information retrieval.  I'm not sure how much
depositing is done by librarians--my impression is that librarianship is one
of those fields in which publishers try to discourage preprinting.

Rob Atkinson
Information Resources Dept.

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From: "Iva Melinscak Zlodi" <imelinsc@rudjer.irb.hr>
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Subject: [OAI-general] archives - librarianship

I am planning to set up a discipline-based e-print archive covering the
field of
information sciences and librarianship, containing Croatian authors
So far, I couldn't have found any simmilar project, except the "Caltech
Library System
Papers and Publications" (which is institution-based).
I would appreciate any information on librarianship or information sciences
repositories (set up, or under development).

Best regards,

Iva Melinscak Zlodi, librarian
Rudjer Boskovic Institute Library
Bijenicka 54; HR-10000 Zagreb; Croatia

Phone  385 1 4561 043
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