[OAI-general] Public Domain Symposium, Sept '02 at NAS (Wash, DC)

Tom Moritz tmoritz@amnh.org
Sun, 28 Jul 2002 17:20:08 -0400

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>From: "Paul Uhlir" <PUhlir@nas.edu>
>To: tmoritz@amnh.org
>Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 12:41:21 -0400
>Subject: Sept. Public Domain Symposium at NAS
>  Tom,
>Below is an announcement for the "Symposium on the Role of S&T
>Data and Information in the Public Domain," suitable for e-mailing
>or posting on your Web site. I would very much appreciate it if you
>would redisseminate the announcement as broadly as possible at
>this time. Additional information, including a registration form, can be
>found through the URL. The preliminary agenda is posted there as
>well. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
>THE PUBLIC DOMAIN will be held 5-6 September 2002, at the [U.S.] National 
>Academy of
>Sciences Auditorium, 2100 C Street NW, in Washington, DC. The Symposium will
>bring together leading experts and managers from the public and private 
>who are involved in the creation, dissemination, and use of STI to 
>discuss: the
>role, value, and limits of public-domain STI in the research and education
>context; the various legal, economic, and technological pressures on producers
>of public domain STI, and their potential effects on research and 
>education; the
>existing and proposed approaches for preserving the public domain or providing
>"open access" to STI in the United States; and other important issues in this
>area that may benefit from further analysis.The meeting will be free and 
>open to
>the public, but advance registration is required. For additional 
>information and
>registration, please visit the Symposium web site at:
>  or contact the project director, Paul Uhlir, tel. (202) 334 2807; e-mail:
>(See attached file: Public Domain Symposium info.doc)

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