[OAI-general] Open Forum on Metadata Registries

Tom Moritz tmoritz@amnh.org
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 10:01:36 -0400

>You are invited to participate in the sixth international Open Forum on
>Metadata Registries. It will be held January 20-24, 2003 in Santa Fe, New
>Mexico, USA.
>Please see the call for participation at:
>This is a preliminary announcement. The web site contains draft material
>being developed by the organizing committee. It will be updated as speakers
>are confirmed. Please check for updates.
>Participants will explore the capabilities, uses, content, development, and
>operation of registries and related technologies. Emphasis is on managing
>semantics (meaning) of data that is shared within and between organizations
>or disseminated via the World Wide Web.
>This Open Forum will concentrate on the following technologies: ISO/IEC
>Metadata Registries, Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration
>(UDDI), XML Registries/Repositories, Database Catalogs (e.g., relational
>DBMS/SQL), CASE Tool Repositories, Software Component Registries,
>and Ontological Registries, and Dublin Core Registries.
>Tutorials will be given on these technologies and on the relevant standards.
>A theme will be cooperation and interoperation of these technologies. The
>practical use of the technologies will be described and demonstrated in
>"tracks". The tracks are: Standards, Technologies, and Tutorials;
>Bioinformatics & Genomics; Defense; Electronic Business; Environment
>(including Biology and Natural Resource Management); Healthcare; Knowledge
>Management & Learning Technology; Statistics; Terminology and Ontologies;
>Transportation, Aviation, and Aerospace.
>The tracks will gather standards developers, software developers, and
>practitioners in these fields to demonstrate accomplishments and to discuss
>experiences. Please mark your calendars and register to attend.