[OAI-general] Re: proposed collaboration: google + open citation linking

Terry Winograd winograd@cs.stanford.edu
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 09:31:22 -0700

>as this
>Registry grows, it may well be necessary to add a certification
>component to it (lest porn-sites and weight-loss sites decide OAI
>compliance is another way to spam more people).

Yes, this is the point. Users don't really care what format for meta-data a 
site is compliant with, but want some validation that the materials there 
are "peer reviewed".

>But for now, OAI's main objective is to get the preprints and
>postprints of refereed research up there, archived in OAI-compliant

It seems that from the point of view of a Google user, it doesn't matter 
whether they are compliant to your format or not, since Google will do its 
ordinary search.

>But what OAI will (I hope) never get involved in is the refereeing
>itself. That is not part of the function of providing
>interoperability. It is for the peer-reviewed journals and
>conferences, etc., to do the peer-reviewing and "certification" in
>that sense. OAI just provides the tagging scheme.

But it is the filtering that matters to users, not the tagging.

>I agree completely. First, a "scholarly/scientific google" would be the
>way to go (let's not leave out the nonscientific fields of

I agree

>and even there, it would not consist only of the pre- and
>post-refereeing journal articles (but also books, etc., which may be
>neither full-text nor free nor OAI-compliant).

What is the difference between "pre-refereeing" and "anything you want to 
stick on the web and claim it is being sent somewhere"?  I was assuming 
here that the point of having a special category was to have the effect of 
refereeing so you could trust the material more. I can't trust something 
because someone just says it is "pre-referee" and puts it on some site that 
uses some format.