[OAI-general] Re: OAI and intellectual property issues

billn billn@yelmtel.com
Thu, 19 Jul 2001 09:42:33 -0700

I think it should be organized by OAI as a subgroup with participation
from implementors, users and OAI community. It needs all POV to be taken
into consideration. 

The subgroup might even consider both free and commercial versions of
the IP statement. It needs the status as coming from OAI as a
recommendation or base IP statement. 

Bill Nicholls

Garey Mills wrote:
> Hi -
>         I agree with Bill Nichols on all of his points about the
> advisability of setting up a default IP policy, but I think the point is
> that this is a job for the community of implementors and potential users.
> Garey Mills
> Library Systems Office
> UC Berkeley
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