[OAI-general] OAI and intellectual property issues

Thomas Krichel krichel@openlib.org
Wed, 18 Jul 2001 06:09:17 -0400

  Josť Luis Borbinha writes

> The idea behind OAI is not to consider "the metadata as THE
> resource", but to raise the awareness about the resource that the
> metadata describes. In that sense, the value is in the resource,
> and not in the metadata that it announces.

  Some collections made available through OAI may want to 
  mix metadata about resources with data on non-resources.
  That is definitely the case in RePEc.

> IMHO, the organizations willing to put their metadata available
> trough an OAI interface must be aware that such metadata will be
> "lost" for the public domain.

  There is no hope that my community will agree to that. 
  See my previous mail.

> In fact, they should be happy if someone else will produce added
> value on the top of it and makes money with that, since the target
> is the resource that the metadata describes...

  We are not happy. We are happy to give the data away
  for free only if it is not sold or included in a product
  for sale. 


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