[OAI-general] EPrints 2 Alpha-1

ePrints Support support@eprints.org
Wed, 1 Aug 2001 16:44:18 +0100

As announced last month at the London OAI meeting:

August 1st 2001:
EPrints 2 Alpha-1 has been released and is available from:

Features Include
 - International language support (UTF-8 and multiple "phrase" files)
 - Much improved database back end - real text indexing and normalised data.
 - Improved installation (no longer uses ./configure & make)
 - Full support for multiple archives on one server
 - Object Oriented Design and database abstraction

 - This is not a stable (or even fully working) release.
 - It is not an upgrade for EPrints 1 series.
 - Many bits remain to be done.

If all goes to plan, from tonight, nightly builds from CVS will be available too.

See http://www.eprints.org/ for more information on the eprints project.

"The EPrints Team"
Christopher Gutteridge & Mike Jewell
+44 23 8059 4833