[OAI-general] questionnaire

Umberto Straccia straccia@iei.pi.cnr.it
Mon, 30 Apr 2001 12:28:30 +0200

Dear sirs,

The CYCLADES consortium aims to elicit potential users' views on the
functionality and services provided by the CYCLADES environment. A
questionnaire has been devised for this purpose. We would like to ask
you to take a few moments and familiarize yourself with the description
and purpose of CYCLADES and also fill out the user requirements questionnaire
at the following location:


Your effort in filling out this questionnaire is greatly appreciated.
This questionnaire has been devised for the elicitation of user requirements
for the project CYLADES (IST-2000-25456). A brief description of the
project and its objectives is given below as well as at the aforementioned
web site.


The CYCLADES Consortium,

Project Description

The main objective of CYCLADES (http://www.iei.pi.cnr.it/cyclades/) is to
develop advanced Internet accessible services to support scholars both
individually and as members of networked communities when interacting with
large interdisciplinary electronic (e-print) archives}. CYCLADES aims at
supporting the transition of e-print systems into genuine building blocks
of a transformed scholarly communication model by developing a set of
leading-edge technologies providing innovative methods for information access,
dissemination, sharing and collaborative work.

The proposed open archives environment consists of two components: the
archives and the services. To the former  contribute the Open
Archives initiative (OAI). CYCLADES will base the development of the service
environment on these specifications. In particular, a core set of cross-archive
value-added services will be developed to constitute a federation of
independent but interoperable services. The Service Environment will provide
OAi compliant functionality.  The CYCLADES services comprise the following:

Search and Browse Service: develops plans for the execution of user
queries. An ad-hoc or a profile-based user query will be decomposed into
more simple sub-queries to be sent to the Access Service for execution.
The results of the sub-queries are fused and returned to the user.
A browse facility is also supported.

Collection Service: provides mechanisms for dynamically building meaningful

Personalization Service: supports personalization of information
access on the basis of individual user profiles and of profiles of scholarly
communities to which users belong.

Recommendation Service: provides recommendations to satisfy information needs
of a user based on ratings provided by other users or groups.

Collaborative Work Service: supports collaboration between members of virtual
communities. Community working areas are created to use the OAi content in
collaborative work.