[OAI-implementers] same xml namespace declaration in header andpayload

Young,Jeff (OR) jyoung at oclc.org
Fri Sep 23 12:24:33 EDT 2011


One solution would be to deliver RDF/XML as an OAI "metadata format".
Since RDF is statement-based rather than record-based, you wouldn't have
to worry about xsi:schemaLocation or its namespace.


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> Dear all,
> the XML payload of an OAI response (GetRecord,ListRecords) can in
> certain
> circumstances contain the same namespace declaration as the OAI
> If
> the whole document (skeleton and payload) is treated as one DOM by the
> provider, the additional namespace declaration in the payload is
> removed
> (by any smart DOM library). A naive harvester, that only textwise cuts
> out
> the payload out of the OAI response, will then encounter an invalid
> document (with missing namespace declarations).
> For instance, the OAI-PMH root element declares
> xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance". This is likely
> to
> be also present in a XML document that is embedded as payload.
> Considering that it is impossible to rid the world of naive
> the question is how an OAI provider should deal with this. Should it
> leave
> two namespace declarations in the response? It is surprisingly
> difficult
> to do this, because most DOM libraries automatically remove redundant
> declarations.
> how is this problem addressed out there?
> thanks and best regards
> Timo
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