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hi Thomas,

Just to share some experience that we have had at the UK Data Archive. One of our partner organizations, from where we harvester data, went through a redesign/redevelopment of its applications, and as a consequence changed not only their OIA identifiers but links for OAI calls, as as well.

This gave us significant problems, including data consistance. As changing identifiers data become completely inconsistent<http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/inconsistent>.

Therefore, as a suggestion, if I understood you right. If changing identifers is essential for you, do it in partnership with organziations/institutions you exchange data.

one workaround, would  be to write a wrapper which would mimic the behavior of your old OAI, hence mapping the old dentifiers to the new ones.  You would expose the this wrrapper to institutions that already query your OAI

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I am wondering if there is a standard way to change OAI identifiers.

For example, we might restructure our collection, or will have to split some items that were under one identifier into several ones. I could even imagine something like "throw away everything from this set from this OAI Service Provider and collect everything anew".

Is there a way to communicate this to my OAI clients?

Best regards

Thomas Fischer


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