[OAI-implementers] Re: [OAI-general] concerns about new OAIster terms/conditions

Hagedorn, Kat khage at umich.edu
Wed Sep 23 11:24:15 EDT 2009

>From Peter Gorman:
> Thanks for the reply. But even if OCLC's current intent is just to
> harvest metadata, the license language very specifically mentions
> content as well, and must have been inserted for some purpose.

No, I think it was boilerplate. They are working on it.

> Furthermore, the phrase "made available to OCLC" could be construed
> as applying to more than the harvesting context: URLs in metadata
> records certainly make content available to OCLC.

I will forward that to them.

>From Simeon:
> I wonder whether OCLC
> will remove all existing content from OAIster until people agree to
> the new license? (Hopefully revised to something more rational.)

No, they will not. It is not a requirement to sign that form. My guess is
they will move quickly to change this, but that is only IMO.


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