[OAI-implementers] (no subject)

teoman madra namoet2 at gmail.com
Mon May 19 13:03:36 EDT 2008

it is nice to see the new media arts in real development going around
art events, this time in newyork and washington dc at dc an evening
with a jazz jam session was interesting... a leadşng tenor was
presentıng a strong new sound reminiscent not too many people
but somewhere searching, intense, new good alto,  a sturdy trumpet
with long solos, brşllşant trombone and the rythym section for two
hours was refreshing   at corcorran gallery near abouts the whıte
house  a complete american evolution historically timebased and the
fabolous series of contemporary modern art miles stones famous stars
was another DC revelation after my two days in newyork MOMA and
nyu student design and elastiv mind ventures  new elastic aesthetics
quite computer and new technology supported anonymous and individual
creativity  ventures   in fact putting these events in groups to
flickr is becoming communicative to internet I also add live video
in addition to the visuals

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