[OAI-implementers] Making software available on OAI Tools web site

Scott Yeadon scott.yeadon at anu.edu.au
Mon May 5 01:34:51 EDT 2008


We are finishing up a software development project some time in June, 
part of which involves the development of an oai-pmh harvester. The 
harvester makes use of the OAIHarvester2 verb classes but includes a 
back-end database and access to various services for managing multiple 
harvests with an ability to plugin different harvesting classes (for 
targetted pre/post processing of requests before forwarding OAI 
responses to other external applications). I'd like to make the software 
available on the OAI Tools website once completed, so was just wondering 
what the process is for making this happen. (While we're currently in 
testing, the software and docs probably won't be ready until June.)



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