[OAI-implementers] What to do if an identifier moves to a new set

Joe Futrelle futrelle at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Wed Sep 19 16:46:14 EDT 2007

As I read the spec, the client in your example would be incorrect in 
concluding from the absence of the record in a set that it has been 
deleted. If the repo supports deletion, then it must comply with 2.5.1:

> responses to selective harvesting requests with set membership and
> date range criteria that include deleted records must include the
> headers of these records. Incremental harvesting will thus discover
> deletions from repositories that keep track of them.

If it doesn't, the client could issue a GetRecord and check for 

Chuck Koscher wrote:
> Any thoughts on what to do if an identifier moves to a different set?
> This situation does not warrant a 'delete' response, but if a user
> pulls a given set one day and then later pulls the same set the moved
> record will appear to have been deleted.
> Chuck Koscher
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