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Muriel FOULONNEAU muriel.foulonneau at ccsd.cnrs.fr
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At the University of Illinois, we have worked as a service provider on 
several possibilities :
- asking data providers to include a URL to a thumbnails in their 
metadata record. The easiest way was to use a thumbnail element, used by 
the National Library of Australia for their Picture Australia Service. 
That's DC + that element
- asking people to provider a richer representation of their resources, 
using a specific format which allows to express the different "views" of 
a picture (thumbnail, large ...). A similar approach can be taken with 
DIDL for instance or METS records. The work on this approach was part of 
the DLF-Aquifer project, 
http://www.dlib.org/dlib/october06/cole/10cole.html. The format does not 
really matter, but it is to propose a richer representation of resources.
- a 3rd approach consisted in using the URLs found in the records and 
parse the pages to either recognize or create a thumbnails from the data 
providers Websites (with their kind permission :-)). 
https://www.ideals.uiuc.edu/bitstream/2142/72/3/Assets.ppt.pdf  and a 
poster "An OAI-PMH Based Thumbnail Capture & Delivery Service" 
The following paper gives an overview of the issue 

Most service providers do not use thumbnails because they do not deal 
with pictures only. But Picture Australia is definitely a good example 
of SP dealing with pictures and having a clear interest in showing 
thumbnails. Aquifer uses thumbnails, American West as well, the CIC 
metadata portal, the IMLS digital collections and content. All those 
examples have indeed agreement between data providers and service 
providers. I am not certain of last developments, other people could 
complete. I do not think there are generally accepted protocols.

Hope that helps.

CHARLES, Daphne a écrit :
> Hi,
> I've noticed that some service providers include thumbnails in 
> their search results.  I'd quite like to make this facility available 
> for any harvesters of our repository who wish to use it, but can't 
> find any specific references in any of the OAI DC guidelines 
> explaining what the XML should look like.
> Can anyone tell me if there an accepted protocol for exposing 
> thumbnails, or is it something agreed between individual repositories 
> and harvesters?
> Many thanks
> Daphne Charles
> Development Team Leader (Web)
> English Heritage
> NMRC, Kemble Drive
> Swindon SN2 2GZ
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