[OAI-implementers] DIY OAI: Allowing anyone to be a data provider

CLAUDIO BARCHESI claudio.barchesi at iscima.cnr.it
Fri Oct 12 06:47:41 EDT 2007

Hello, about a practical Static Repository / Static Repository Gateway 
implementation, I would put in evidence the results of our experience.

Searching Google for "OAISISTEMA" it is possible to find some information 
about our SR/SRG solution that allows Archeologia e Calcolatori journal to 
be OAI data provider since 2005. Our implementation that is completely OAI 
conformant (OAIster harvests the complete collection of our resources) has 
been also designed with the target of the widest diffusion of our metadata 
on the web. An interesting study, on "Search engine Coverage of the OAI-PMH 
corpus" performed by Los Alamos National Lab (Mc Cown F., Liu X. et al., 
2006)  shows that "Archeologia e Calcolatori" repository content is 
completely indexed by Yahoo, Google and MSN, with a 100% success rate. That 
means that our target has been succesfully hit.

In my opinion, the static repository idea, with a better consideration and 
support (what about the creation of some public SR gateway for a larger 
support for such a technology?) could be a really solution for the  OA 
paradigm diffusion: in particular to support author's self archiving as well 
as small institutions and small journals access to OAI.

The URL of Archeologia  e Calcolatori journal wich is edited by CNR  is 
http://soi.cnr.it/archcalc/. OAISISTEMA software solution is based on a 
simple Access database mapping Dublin Core elements on a relational set of 
tables. A Visual basic script creates XML static repository file. Other 
additional services (to support search engine crawlers and a local search of 
the repository on our website) has been created by ASP and XSL.

Best regards,

Claudio Barchesi

Istituto di Studi sulle Civiltà Italiche e del Mediterraneo Antico

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Rome - Italy.

Claudio.Barchesi at iscima.cnr.it

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> Hello list,
> As someone relatively recently aware of OAI, I wondered if there'd been
> any discussion of solutions to allow relatively normal people to be data
> providers. Not to imply that the managers of university repositories are
> abnormal, but the average Joe -- well, the average Dr. Joe who wants to
> slap his latest article on his Web site and be "OAI-conformant"*.
> I see there are a few OAI plugins for "normal person" CMSes:
> WordPress: http://www.wallandbinkley.com/quaedam/?p=50
> Drupal: http://drupal.org/project/oai2
> Zope: http://www.pentila.com/produits/ZOpenArchives/
> Another approach is copy & paste metadata. Creative Commons, for
> instance, uses Dublin Core properties in its license metadata (e.g. in 
> RDF):
> http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Implement_Metadata
> Does anyone have thoughts on OAI for "normal people", e.g. desirability,
> feasibility, implementations?
> * For the sake of argument, Dr. Joe isn't archiving in his university's
> institutional repository because it doesn't have one, there's not a
> disciplinary repository in his field, etc.
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