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Registration still open!

 From ETD2007 Conference Committee - etd2007 at ub.uu.se

10th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Uppsala, Sweden, June 13-16, 2007
ETD2007 - Added Value for E-theses
This meeting offers scope for an exchange of experience and
consolidation of cooperation in the field of electronic theses and
dissertations at local, national and international levels.
Under the general theme "Added Value for E-theses", ETD 2007 is
organised around two main themes: "Integrating ETDs with institutional
processes and practices" and "Value added services".
The themes of the conference call for reflection on opportunities for
joint effort    amongst various players in the production and
information chain, both inside and outside our universities.

To allow the specific developments relating to ETDs to be considered
in context, we are delighted to welcome a number of excellent speakers
including: Gregory Crane, Tufts University, USA; Clifford Lynch,
Coalition for Networked Information, USA and Peter Murray-Rust,
Cambridge University, UK.

For more information about the speakers and the conference in general,
please see the Web site at http://epc.ub.uu.se/etd2007/.

Join us in Uppsala and help make our meeting a success!

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