[OAI-implementers] oai :: how to handle errors during ListRecords request?

Matthias Egger Matthias.Egger at mpi.nl
Mon Oct 2 04:41:21 EDT 2006

Hi everybody,

maybe this question has already arisen somewhere, but i couldn't make it 
out in the documentation, so I need to ask the community:

How do I handle errors which may occur during a ListRecords request?
For example when during reading a destined result-record's dataset (a 
xml file) some unpredicted error occurs, e.g. an IOException for some 
reason whatsoever.

So what am I supposed to provide in my response then:

- throw away the whole result list and provide an oai-error code
   (and which one in that case)?

- just replace that one concerned record-dataset with an oai error-tag
   (also here: which code then?)

- ignore those errors and remove any failed record-dataset
   from the returned result list?

- ignore those errors and provide an empty record-tag for those datasets

is there a best-practice or any specified procedure?
suggestions are very welcome.

thanx so long

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