[OAI-implementers] Turnkey Harvester?

Rob Tice rob.tice at k-int.com
Thu May 4 05:07:45 EDT 2006

Hi Edwin

Knowledge Integration Ltd (www.k-int.com) maintain a complete open source
(GPL) solution to your requirement.

It is a portal solution which aggregates OAI data sources and presents them
for searching under a single search point (It also allows inclusion of
distributed resources (e.g. srw, sru z39.50). Harvests are re-executed
incrementally at a user defined intervals.

It is used in a variety of projects in the UK including the UK wide peoples
network discover service (www.peoplesnetwork.gov.uk/discover). This
aggregates numerous cultural OAI feeds for the UK Museums, libraries and
archives and presents them alongside live searchable targets in a single
search interface.

Drop me a line off list if you would like more info.

Hope this helps

Rob Tice

Knowledge Integration Ltd

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Is there a currently-supported turnkey OAI harvesting package that folks
can recommend?  I want to harvest a number of repositories and aggregate
them into a single search interface.  I'd also like to do as little
wheel-reinventing as possible.


Ed Sperr
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