[OAI-implementers] multiple supporting filestreams

Jody DeRidder deridder at aztec.lib.utk.edu
Thu Mar 2 10:09:59 EST 2006

I have no doubt that someone has already addressed this, so I would appreciate
being pointed to where it was hashed out...

I just discovered that we have a number of ETDs that have a ton of supporting
filestreams (three of them have hundreds.  Seriously!)  There is nothing in
the incoming metadata to indicate that these filestreams exist, much less what
their mime types are, or relationship to the primary filestream (a pdf).  I
was informed that the students have been instructed to link these streams as
relative URLs within their pdfs, but there is nothing in place to ensure that
all files are linked, or linked correctly.  And if the pdf is "harvested" and
then accessed out of context, of course none of those links will work.

In the OAI records I've been creating, I've simply referred to the pdf file
for type, format, and identifier.  What *should* I be doing here?

I have no administrative, structural, or preservation metadata for the
supporting filestreams.  It would be simple enough to create redirect links
(my local version of sustainable URLs) for each bitstream, and add those into
the appropriate OAI records as dc:identifiers, but good gracious!  Hundreds? 
Best practice is one!  Plus there would still be nothing to ID the type/format
or relationship to the thesis itself.

Suggestions?   ;-)


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