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If I understand the description of your situation correctly, you can do what you want with only one set.   

Currently every record in the OAI repository for records for digitized historical materials at LC [See http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/oamh/index.html ] is available in several metadata formats.   This is also true for every set defined.  The set is thus a group of underlying records, independent of the format in which the records are harvestable.

This is not the only way to implement sets, but it may be convenient for your situation as it was for mine.  

The draft Best Practices for Data Providers on sets [http://oai-best.comm.nsdl.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?SetPractices]
encourage data providers to use the SetDescription feature to indicate the formats in which records for a set can be harvested. If you have not seen that wiki page, there  may be other information that would be helpful. 

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>>> "Irina Dijour" <Irina.Dijour at exlibris.co.il> 12/01/06 4:46 PM >>>



I have a question concerning sets - metadataPrefix relationship.

Is it permitted by the protocol to "attach" metadataPrefix to set?


For example, is the following situation is valid:

I define two sets  A and B. All the records from my repository belong to
both sets.

Set A "contains" records in marcxml. Set B "contains" records in oai_dc.

ListSets response contains 2 sets: A and B

ListMetadataFormats reponse contains 2 formats: marxml and oai_dc.

ListRecords request with set=A, metadataPrefix=marcxml - results in list
of records

ListRecords request with set=A, metadataPrefix=oai_dc - results in error

ListRecords request with set=B, metadataPrefix=marcxml - results in
error cannotDissemenateFormat

ListRecords request with set=B, metadataPrefix=oai_dc - results in list
of record

GetRecord request for any record in my repository both with
metadataPrefix=marcxml and with

metadataPrefix=oai_dc results in the record in corresponding format.


Sorry if I repeat the question which has been risen several months ago.
I see that there was discussion

on the same matter, but unfortunately I did not find answer on my



Irina Dijour

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