[OAI-implementers] sets - metadataPrefix relationship

Irina Dijour Irina.Dijour at exlibris.co.il
Fri Dec 1 16:46:03 EST 2006




I have a question concerning sets - metadataPrefix relationship.

Is it permitted by the protocol to "attach" metadataPrefix to set?


For example, is the following situation is valid:

I define two sets  A and B. All the records from my repository belong to
both sets.

Set A "contains" records in marcxml. Set B "contains" records in oai_dc.

ListSets response contains 2 sets: A and B

ListMetadataFormats reponse contains 2 formats: marxml and oai_dc.

ListRecords request with set=A, metadataPrefix=marcxml - results in list
of records

ListRecords request with set=A, metadataPrefix=oai_dc - results in error

ListRecords request with set=B, metadataPrefix=marcxml - results in
error cannotDissemenateFormat

ListRecords request with set=B, metadataPrefix=oai_dc - results in list
of record

GetRecord request for any record in my repository both with
metadataPrefix=marcxml and with

metadataPrefix=oai_dc results in the record in corresponding format.


Sorry if I repeat the question which has been risen several months ago.
I see that there was discussion

on the same matter, but unfortunately I did not find answer on my



Irina Dijour

ExLibris Ltd.

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