[OAI-implementers] trouble registering a static repository

Thomas G. Habing thabing at uiuc.edu
Mon Sep 19 14:28:30 EDT 2005

Hi Kristina,

We at UIUC have a static repository gateway which we have not widely 
advertised (until now :-)).  We currently do not respond to the initiate 
or terminate requests, but can manually add new static repositories, and 
would be happy to add your repo to the list.

We are currently hosting six repositories.  One is:

Take a look at the friends list for the baseURLs of the other repos that 
we support.

Let me know if you would like to give our gateway a try.

Kind regards,

Tom Habing

Kristina M. Spurgin wrote:
> Hello,
> We've developed a static repository containing records for the films 
> made available through www.folkstreams.net. The xml repository document 
> resides at: http://www.folkstreams.net/oai/static_repository.xml
> My question is two-fold.
> First, we have been able to identify only two static repository gateways 
> that will allow us to register our repository: OLAC and the 
> demonstration gateway at http://libtest.lanl.gov/. Our content is not 
> language-related, so OLAC is not appropriate. We are unclear about the 
> scope/purpose of the demonstration gateway. Is it there for permenant 
> use by any repository, or is it just meant for testing purposes? 
> Finally, is there a central listing of static repository gateways 
> somewhere that we have missed?
> Second, we have tried to register our respository with the demonstration 
> gateway at http://libtest.lanl.gov/ and receive a message that our 
> repository is not a valid repository.
> We've tested our repository against the schema and it validates, so we 
> have had trouble identifying why it is not a valid repository.
> If someone could take a look at our repository ( 
> http://www.folkstreams.net/oai/static_repository.xml ) and let us know 
> if you see what could be causing this problem, that would be very helpful.
> Thank you,

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