[OAI-implementers] implementation of non-English characters w/UTF-8?

Jewel Ward jewelw at usc.edu
Tue Sep 13 15:29:04 EDT 2005

How have other people implemented "non-UTF-8" characters in their DP 

Meaning, we have non-English characters that are "choking" when we test 
our Data Provider.  [Think "e" with the accent over it 
(surname after first name of "Elmo").]  Eventually, we will have several 
Asian language character sets, as well as the current non-English 

I have looked over the protocol, looked at various tutorials, the 
oai-implementers archives, and the OAI Best Practices site, and have not 
seen any guidelines other than this thread:


I'm also looking at OLAC and some of the DP implementations in Japan, 
but have not [yet] found the solution.  [Like this: 

Will we just have to locate the individual characters that are choking 
and encode those a specific way?

Thanks in advance,


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