[OAI-implementers] A new Service Provider

Zeno Tajoli tajoli at cilea.it
Tue Nov 23 12:51:59 EST 2004

Hi to all

>I try http://metalis.cilea.it/setopenurl.html and
>I get the error:
>The requested URL /cgi-bin/metalis/set-cook.pl was not found on this server.

now this problem is done, you can set your OpenUrl Resolver.
Keep attention, the cookie is done to use METALIS as 'Source', not as 
'Target' (in OpenUrl jargon).

If you want to use is as Target, open the html pages and read the code. My 
forms work (I hope) with post and get without problems

But in fact if you to use it as 'Source', you need to work on your OpenUrl 
Download the code of the SP (http://metalis.cilea.it/tajoli.tar.gz) and 
read the file openresolver.pl
The key subroutine is 'work_sp_metalis' ( lines 251 - 289)
In your OpenUrl resolver you need to register my sid (metalis).
Probably you need also to do same work in the interios of the resolver.

Bye to all

Zeno Tajoli
CILEA - Segrate (MI)
(Indirizzo mascherato anti-spam; sostituisci quanto tra AT con @)

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