[OAI-implementers] points to ponder

Jewel Ward jewelw@lanl.gov
Tue, 13 May 2003 12:02:34 -0600

>i remember some 3 years ago, when OAIv1.0 was being designed we referred 
>to Z39.50 as the "800-pound gorilla" - the protocol that everyone 
>supported and you did not openly challenge. is OAI-PMH the new 800-pound 

As far as I know, the idea of keeping and continuing to keep the OAI-PMH 
parameters narrow is to *prevent* the OAI-PMH from turning into an "800 lb, 
Z39.50-ish gorilla".  I believe the intention is not to make the OAI-PMH 
into an untouchable/unchangeable Holy Grail, so much as (to) "KISS" (Keep 
It Simple, Stupid).



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